You are about to upgrade yourself by learning an additional language. French is a great choice as most of the European people know the language and you can also have the advantage of teaching the language locally. However, if you have plans of mastering any language, you should be strong in the verbs used in it. The same goes true for learning French also. french verbs are nothing but action words in their language that is vital to form sentences. Although everyone’s way of learning may vary, the following is a common step-by-step procedure to master the verbs in French.
Step-by-step procedure of learning verbs in French
Begin with tenses
It will be easy to understand the usage of verbs in French if you know the tenses properly. You should alter the verbs while using them in different tenses and hence, it is the first step to master tenses.
Write the list of common verbs
After knowing tenses a bit, you can start by collecting and writing a list of commonly used verbs along with their modifications during different tenses. You can go to advanced verbs after mastering these common usages.
Use audio
French will look somewhat similar to English in terms of the letters used. However, the sounds of the languages are different and you will miss the right pronunciations of the French verbs if you read them alone without hearing. So, you should hear all the verbs using any audio files that you can find online to understand the proper slang and usage.
Use with pronouns
You should practice using French verbs with pronouns and notice the variations.
Practice by repeating
The best practice you could do is to repeat the verbs while hearing the audio files to get used to the French slang.