The number of people you know who are currently online dating photography is staggering almost everyone you know. The fact that the internet has allowed so many people to find like minded partners gives hope to individuals who are not quite convinced that they can succeed with their own efforts. But even as the number of successes is greater than expected, there are still a few nagging issues that have to be addressed before you too can find your prince or princess online. If you have been involved with online dating for a while then you have probably noticed most of these online dating problems. Many of these common problems can be solved simply by following some simple guidelines:

Lack of a Personal Brand: It is very important that you have a personal brand when you are involved with online dating photography. That way people will have an idea of who you are, what you stand for, and how you carry yourself. When you don’t have a personal brand, then your picture may get lost in the spam folder along with the other spam emails that you have been receiving. The last thing you want is to be posting an email about your headshot and not your real full name!

Headshot vs. Real Body Picture: Your headshot is going to be on the first impression that a potential date sees. A lot of people look at the body shots a lot more than they look at the face shot when browsing profiles online. And it’s OK to have a little bit of body in the profile pictures but not if that is all you have to offer. People should be able to get a good feel for who you are by the way you carry yourself and also the way you present yourself, not just your picture.

Tinder Picture: Ok, so now that we know why it’s important for you to have a personal brand when you are involved with online dating photography, let’s talk about how you should actually go about shooting your photo shoot. You will need to find some time in your day (preferably an empty one) to set up your camera, get some props and then start shooting. There is a lot of software out there that can help you do this. What you want to do is setup a small prop such as a stuffed animal or something similar, then get the photographer to pose with that and then have them take the picture. If you want to use a camera, have them set it up so that it has multiple flashes.

Profile Picture: Ok, now that we know what is important, let’s talk about what you should have in your profile photo. Don’t make this too fancy, just include a few basic things such as your name, a simple photo of yourself and a nice background. You will then want to add a couple of interesting pieces of information to this, such as your hobbies and interests. The key to this being interesting is to avoid the “over-the-top” look that is common amongst many online dating sites and stick to a more neutral and genuine look.

Now that you understand what you should have in your online dating photography portfolio and what it should be like, you can go ahead and upload it to the site. Hopefully you will be seeing your profile photo turn into something that other people enjoy as well. Just remember that having a good looking photo is no guarantee that you will have success with the site, but it does help. If you have a good sense of style and are artistic, online dating sites are a great place to explore yourself and find someone you might be interested in dating or getting into a relationship.