landscape maintenanceis the artistic vocation and profession of maintaining a well-managed landscape, usually in a residential area, garden, public space or estate. Landscape maintenance usually involves repairing, replacing or repainting the landscape. Landscape maintenance professional normally has the education and certification to carry out specific landscape maintenance jobs. There are different types of landscape maintenance such as power washing, mulching, ground improvement, graffiti removal, landscaping design, masonry restoration, erosion control, and tree care. It involves a wide range of techniques and equipment for various landscape maintenance tasks. Power washing is one of the most common forms of landscaping maintenance. It involves cleaning of hard surfaces like pavers, bricks, driveway and other outcrops. The power washed pavers are usually prepared by using rough or crushed stones to remove grit and sand so that the driveway, walkway and decking stay clean and polished. Power washing helps in keeping out weeds, sand and loose soil so that it does not stagnate and spread. This form of landscaping maintenance also helps in preserving the aesthetic value of the outdoor space. Mulching is used to prevent the growth of dangerous insects and pests like deer and mosquitoes. It helps in retaining the moisture level of the soil for a longer period and prevents the growth of fungi, algae, mosses and other unwanted plants. The landscape maintenance company uses herbicide or pesticide to control unwanted plants. The use of pesticides or herbicides is done when necessary to ensure the safety of the public and the plants. They may be used for ornamental plants, lawns, gardens and trees. Mowing is another form of yard care activity. It is performed to maintain the height of the grass and to provide a neat look to the landscape maintenance services. When mowing the lawn, special tools are required for proper mowing of the lawn. An expert lawn mower is one such essential tool. A landscape maintenance company provides lawnmower, rakes and edgers for the purpose. It is very important to keep the lawn well cut and tidy to avoid any kind of accident. A string or hoe is used to keep the grass cut short. Edging or mulching the lawn helps in retaining the moisture level of the soil. It can also reduce the risks of insect attack on the plants. An expert landscaper or professional mowing company will often use a form of mulch or weed barrier to keep the weeds at bay. Power washing and mulching may need manual labor or power tools but they are essential to get the desired results. The use of pesticides or herbicides is optional. The choice depends on the size of the lawn, environment and frequency of mowing.