The iPhone 6 is a bigger as well as smarter phone. The users of this phone never want to get a new model and always love to stick with this phone because of the aesthetic resolution. The resolution is available in 326 PPI density and it is really perfect to handle the phone which can easily be put in the jeans or pants pocket. This is the reason the lover of this phone always wants to stick with it. Unfortunately, if the screen is shattered and you don’t want to go to the store for the screen replacement, you can easily do it with your own skills. iPhone 6 replacement screens require technical or mechanical skills and if you think that you can do it, never wait for it and just go to do it yourself. Select the dust-free table at your home and put all the necessary tools on the table and begin the procedure immediately. Always begin with opening the screws which are placed at the bottom battery port area.
After opening, you will see lots of functionality on the backside. Never indulge your tools in these functions. Stay away from them. Just see the cables at the backside. In order to open the cables slowly, you need to use the proper tools and never play with these cables. For the proper iPhone 6 Replacement Screens, make sure that you are not dirty and no dust interrupts during the whole procedure. You need to be super careful while replacing the iPhone 6 screens. On the middle plate at the backside, you will see the five screws, remove them slowly. Screws play an important role and taking them out at the proper timings is the most important thing.
Always give full concentration to the procedure of iPhone 6 Replacement Screens Australia and earpieces should be handled with care. Never put pressure on the front camera or earpiece of the iPhone 6. You need a screwdriver for your iPhone 6 screens because without that it is impossible to do the replacement of the screen at home. Make sure, your iPhone 6 is powered off during the procedure, and don’t use the charger during the whole procedure to avoid any damage or danger. Near the home button, always place the suction cup and never place it in the middle area of your iPhone 6.