How to Set Up and Use Standing Desk in Your Office

Buying a Standing Desk Europe is fast and easy, but do you know how to set it up? Well, this sounds fats and easy too, but only if you know these things;
Find your Perfect Height

The first thing, before anything else, is to find your perfect height. If you are standing, you want to make sure you are in the right posture. If you adjust to a sitting position, you also want to make sure you get the right position. This will also be different for different people.

Some people find it better when the desk is at elbow height while others find it better when arms are at 45 degrees angle. Whatever this means for you, you must be able to find out the best position that works for you without having to strain your muscles and joints (e.g. wrist).
How long can you Stand

The next thing is to find out how long you can stand. Again you might have to do some practice for this, especially if you are just getting started. It is not recommended to stand for too long. Make sure to take occasional breaks; sit or walk a bit to give your feet a breather. Find your perfect standing period.

More than anything your posture will determine how safe and effective working with a standing desk will be. You want to make sure you should and your neck is straight and relaxed. Don’t strain your muscles; otherwise you will end up with upper back pains.

Your wrists are also an important part of this whole set up and the whole working experience and process; mind them, keep them straight and parallel to the surface of the desk.
Your Environment

For the work area to be complete, it is not just about the standing desk. You also want to put the surrounding environment in mind. Be wary of what is underneath your desk, especially when you grab your chair to sit or if you move your feet/ legs a lot. Your environment could be the power force, energy, and motivation behind your productivity. And, it could also well be your biggest distraction.