Gutters are one of the most important parts of your home exterior systems. They are not only to complete your house structure but are also responsible for the water we drink. This means that there are a lot of considerations when choosing the right gutter as well as maintenance.

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of gutter maintenance. You can always do it on your own if you have the skills, the equipment, and the products. However, hiring a professional cleaning service is definitely the better choice. Here are some of the contributing factors to gutter cleaning prices;

● House height

The height of the house is one of the factors that will contribute to how much you pay your cleaners. A one-story building would cost less than a two, three, or more. This is because it is safer to reach and access a one-story building than any height taller.

● Linear footage

Linear footage is another factor that contributes to the price of professional gutter cleaning. It is the length of the gutter around the roof. The longer the linear footage, the higher the price. This is also because more labor and hours would go into work.

● Gutter condition

If your gutter is in perfect condition, you stand to pay less when it comes to cleaning. However, if you have dents, holes, leaks, loose joints and valves, sagging gutters, and any other damages to your gutters, then chances are you are going to spend more in the process.

This is because some gutter cleaners also offer minor repairs. It also takes more time to completely clean gutters that haveerrors/ orin bad condition.

Gutter cleaning isn’t really a bank-breaking process. Don’t rule out the fact that it also depends on where you live, and the local laws, especially when the company is charging at a pay/ hour rate.