Gambling is a fun activity that is practiced by a significant amount of people. The activity is not restricted to just the passive prediction of outcome of events but can also include the active form. Actively predicting the outcome of an event implies that the individual would be participating in the event in which the outcome is being predicted. An example of this is casino games. online slot gambling (judi slot online) regulate these games.
Forms of online casino games
• Virtual games. These are online casino games that are software based. They are usually either downloadable or played directly on the web. A random generator is usually employed to bring forth numbers to give the feel of genuine randomness. However, players do not trust these virtual games sometimes because they lack validations that operators did not tamper with the rate of randomness that brings forth a win. An external auditor is summoned to analyze the operator’s software to alleviate any doubt of dishonesty to prevent lack of trust in the games.
• Live dealer games. As the name implied, these are games regulated by a live dealer. The outcome of the games is based on real life actions such as the rolling of dice, spinning of a wheel, dealing of cards and so on. The results of the games are given back to the players through a live chat feature regulated by the online casino. Casinos offer live casino games using streaming technology which enables the players to watch as the betting moves on. A screen is placed behind the dealer so players can see the dealer during the course of the game. Live dealer games give the feel of a virtual game as well as a physical game. The technology used by players which allows them to play from any location at their convenience bears resemblance to online casino games while the playing according to real time actions give the feel of a physical casino. Such games, however, cost more for maintenance as video teams and technical experts are hired for the smooth running of the game.
Examples of live dealer games
• Poker. This so a card game in which players play against each other. Players wager over the best hand. The introduction of poker into the virtual world has hugely increased the number of players if the game. The revenue of the game shot up immensely when it became an online game. Large numbers of new and existing customers were drawn to the game as the popularity grew.

• Roulette. This is a wheel game of chance. The results could, however, be predicted mathematically as well. Players place bets on a feature of the wheel the ball lands on. Various kinds of bets could be made on the game. Examples of the bets include single bets, split bets, corner bets, trio bets, basket nets and other. The position of the ball is determined by a random generator when played in online casinos or could be passed across to the players by a live dealer through live chat.